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  • Redesign of a Pyrylium Photoredox Catalyst and Its Application to the Generation of Carbonyl Ylides. Organic letters Alfonzo, E., Alfonso, F. S., Beeler, A. B. 2017; 19 (11): 2989-2992


    We report the exploration into photoredox generation of carbonyl ylides from benzylic epoxides using newly designed 4-mesityl-2,6-diphenylpyrylium tetrafluoroborate (MDPT) and 4-mesityl-2,6-di-p-tolylpyrylium tetrafluoroborate (MD(p-tolyl)PT) catalysts. These catalysts are excited at visible wavelengths, are highly robust, and exhibit some of the highest oxidation potentials reported. Their utility was demonstrated in the mild and efficient generation of carbonyl ylides from benzylic epoxides that otherwise could not be carried out by current common photoredox catalysts.

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