The Chueh Group explores efficient electrochemical routes for converting solar energy to chemical fuels and subsequently to electricity. The group also develops next-generation electrochemical energy storage materials. We take a rational approach towards materials discovery and optimization. Using powerful electron, X-ray and optical microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, we visualize electrochemical reactions as they take place on length scales ranging from tens of microns down to sub-nm. These fundamental observations, combined with atomistic- and continuum-level models, lead to new insights into the design of functional materials with novel compositions and structures. We utilize a wide range of solution, vapor and solid-state routes to create high-performance electrochemical devices, such as photo-electrochemical cells, fuel cells, electrolyzers and metal-air batteries.

Academic Appointments

Honors & Awards

  • Top 35 innovators under the age of 35, MIT Technology Review (2012)
  • Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize in Energy, Caltech (2011)
  • President Harry S. Truman Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship, Sandia Naitonal Laboratories (2010)
  • International Research Fellowship Award, ICMR (2009)
  • Graduate Student Award, American Vacuum Society Thin Film Division (2009)
  • Josephine de Karman Fellowship, Josephine De Karman Fellowship Trust (2009)
  • Student Prize (2nd place), Lemelson-MIT Caltech (2009)
  • Graduate Excellence in Materials Science Diamond Award, American Ceramics Society (2008)
  • Li Ming Scholarship, Caltech (2007)

Professional Education

  • PhD, Caltech, Materials Science (2010)
  • BS, Caltech, Applied Physics (2005)

2015-16 Courses

Stanford Advisees

All Publications

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