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Stanford Campus Climate Survey

Stanford University administered a campus climate survey in the spring of 2015, encouraging all undergraduate and graduate students to participate and provide their perspectives. The survey asked students about their perceptions of campus community, culture and safety as well as their experiences with prohibited sexual conduct.
Results of the survey were issued in fall 2015. Links to the survey report and related information are provided below. Stanford will use the findings of the survey to continue improving education, prevention, support and adjudication as part of its ongoing effort to achieve a campus environment free of sexual assault and misconduct.
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Letter from President Hennessy and Provost Etchemendy

Report of the 2015 Stanford Campus Climate Survey

           Appendix A: Categorization of Nonconsensual Sexual Contact

           Appendix B: Screenshots of Survey Questionnaire

Questions and Answers

Background Information on Spring 2015 Survey Administration



This report discusses sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct and relationship violence. Some of the questions in the survey, and some sections of this report, use explicit language including anatomical names of body parts and descriptions of sexual acts. Reading this report might remind you of experiences that you or someone close to you has gone through. If you would like to talk to someone confidentially about questions or concerns relating to sexual assault or other Prohibited Sexual Conduct, please contact one of the following resources:

Confidential Resources for Students

Stanford Confidential Support Team - 650-736-6933 or 650-725-9955 (after hours)

YWCA Stanford Rape Crisis Hotline – 650-493-7273

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) - 650-723-3785

Confidential Resource for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Staff Help Center - 650-723-4577

Non-Confidential Resources and Reporting

Stanford Title IX Office - 650-497-4955

SARA (Office of Sexual Assault & Relationship Abuse Education & Response) - 650-725-1056