R&DE Awards

Stanford R&DE – Our Winning Ways

Stanford R&DE strives for excellence in everything we do, from how we operate to the top quality services we provide our Stanford community. As a perennial winner of multiple national awards in each of our divisions, we are proud that our efforts are recognized as outstanding among our peers in university dining, housing, hospitality and conferences. This confirmation of our ongoing success is a symbol of Stanford R&DE’s leadership as we endeavor to constantly improve. To read about our recent awards and recognitions, please visit the links below.

R&DE Student Housing

  • Best of the West program – Western Association of College University Housing Officers (WACUHO)

R&DE Stanford Dining Awards

  • 2015 Grant Recipient – Hobart Center for Foodservice Sustainability

R&DE Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries Awards

  • Silver Medal, National Culinary Competition, Executive Chef Andrew Mayne Stanford Catering – NACUFS Culinary Challenge

R&DE Stanford Conferences Awards

  • Outstanding Institutional Achievement Award for a Long-term Process – ACCED-I 2015