Tanya Walker

Conference Coordinator Associate

(650) 725-2753

With service to Stanford University since 1990, Tanya Walker uses her wide breadth of experience to contribute significantly to the many challenges of meeting planning on the campus. During her long tenure, Tanya has worked with numerous faculty and students by managing customer care and providing assistance to her colleagues.

To remain current and further develop her professional expertise, Tanya regularly attends workshops and training programs for collegiate conference and event planning and management.  Additionally, Tanya is enrolled in a certificate program for meeting and event planning, and she enjoys studying the standards and best practices of our industry.

Tanya’s interests outside of meeting and event planning include activities in social responsibility.  Certified as a Group Home Administrator, Tanya has worked with many developmentally delayed adults and children. In fact, for several years she worked directly with children receiving social services. During more relaxing periods, Tanya enjoys creative writing, her chosen field of study and the field in which she earned her degree.