Nutrition at Stanford

Elaine Magee

R&DE Stanford Dining believes that food must be great tasting and nutritious. To support the active, healthy, and wellness lifestyles of our students, R&DE Stanford Dining employs a fulltime Performance and Wellness Nutritionist who is the liaison and resident expert for the culinary team, local dining and retail units for R&DE Stanford Dining, Stanford students and other Stanford University communities. Our nutritionist works on recipe development, nutrition counseling, and develops and delivers presentations to the Stanford University community.

The Wellness and Performance Dining Nutritionist provides individual and group/team nutrition counseling and education; translates the latest scientific evidence into practical nutrition recommendations; tracks and documents outcomes of nutrition services; serves as a food and nutrition resource for R&DE Stanford Dining staff; and provides nutrition education for health/wellness programs, and Stanford community groups.

R&DE Stanford Dining Performance and Wellness Nutritionist - Jackie Armstrong

You may not realize it yet, but your food choices have a powerful influence on how you feel today, tomorrow and in the future. I’m Jackie Armstrong, Performance & Wellness Nutritionist for R&DE Stanford Dining.

It’s my privilege to support the Stanford community in making smart food choices to optimize their energy, health and performance. I am committed to promoting nourishing foods that taste delicious and inspiring the next innovations in food and nutrition at Stanford.

Whether you’re interested in performance nutrition, dining with food allergies or improving the way you eat, I’m here to help! You can reach me at or drop by my office at Arrillaga Family Dining Commons. I look forward to hearing from you!


My passion for nutrition began as a college athlete when I discovered that the foods I ate had a direct impact on the way I felt and performed. While earning a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and becoming a Certified Exercise Physiologist, it became clear to me that fitness was only one piece of a larger synergistic system for performance, health and wellbeing.

I went on to earn my Masters in Public Health in Nutrition and complete my dietetic requirements at the University of Michigan. I have extensive experience in nutrition, fitness, wellness promotion and coaching in a wide variety of settings, including corporate worksites, private practice, dining operations, and fitness facilities and universities. I am thrilled to be a part of the R&DE Stanford Dining team and to be working with the Stanford community.