A plate with shrimp and steak, students hanging out at the Axe and Palm and a fresh garden salad.

Late-night dining at The Axe & Palm? Grabbing a quick lunch at Olives? Eating at R&DE, Stanford Hospitality’s many cafés and retail locations is more convenient than ever with Cardinal Dollars on your card. Add the security of going cashless and the advantages of Cardinal Dollars are even greater.

And it’s never been easier. When you purchase Cardinal Dollars, the amount is simply added to your Stanford ID card, which can immediately be used at our popular, award-winning cafes. What’s more, a 10% bonus offer is currently available when purchasing Cardinal Dollars: for example, buy $100 and receive 110 in Cardinal Dollars. Students can pay online with a credit card, or through My Account on the Stanford Dining website, which is added to your student bill. Staff and faculty can also purchase Cardinal Dollars with a credit card. While parents of students can easily send a gift of Cardinal Dollars through a credit card purchase. Another benefit: Cardinal Dollars are valid at all Stanford & Auxiliaries’ retail locations. Purchased separately or in addition to a meal plan, Cardinal Dollars carry over from quarter to quarter, and from year to year. Please Note: Cardinal Dollar funds that have been purchased prior to January 1, 2016 and not accessed by July 1, 2017 will expire as of July 1, 2017.

The following Stanford Hospitality cafés and retail locations accept Cardinal Dollars:

  • Russo Cafe in Bldg. 4 of Munger Graduate Residences
  • The Market at Munger in Bdlg. 5 of Munger Graduate Residence, Bldg. 5
  • The Axe and Palm at Old Union
  • Decadence at The Axe and Palm at Old Union
  • Union Square at Tresidder Memorial Union including Heirlooms, Basils, Panda Express, Subway, Starbucks and Fraiche Yogurt
  • Olives at Bldg. 160
  • The Cafe at the Arrillaga Alumni Center
  • The Med Cafe at LKSC
  • Law School Café
  • hospitality.stanford.edu/amazinglocations

You can also use Cardinal Dollars at Stanford Dining Halls, including Latenite @ Lakeside, and Arrillaga Nights @ AFDC. For additional information, contact  diningplans@stanford.edu, or call 650-723-4751.