Common Areas

Outside courtyardEvery Stanford residence includes indoor and outdoor common areas where students can relax, study, and host events.

Residence custodians:

  • Maintain common area floors and furnishings;
  • Clean kitchenette refrigerator and stove in the summer and during Winter Break; and
  • Empty common area wastebaskets.

Custodians aren’t responsible for cleaning up after gatherings and parties in your residence lounge, so please don’t leave empty pizza boxes and other trash behind.

Please do your part to keep common areas clean and in good condition:

  • Return dishes and trays to the dining hall.
  • Return furniture to its proper place if you have moved it.
  • Do not take common-area furniture to your student room or apartment.
  • Never move interior furniture outdoors.
  • Clean your kitchenette after every use.
  • Clean equipment that your house owns.
  • Recycle paper, glass, and cans.
  • Remove personal trash to outdoor dumpsters.

Additional Information on Recreational Areas and Equipment, Computer Clusters, Laundry Rooms, and Vending Machines