Early or Late Move Outs

Moving Out Early

If you move out earlier than your Residence Agreement specifies, you remain responsible for rent unless you have been released from your rent obligation under the Termination of Agreement section of the Residence Agreement—in writing—by Housing Assignments.

If you move out of University housing for any reason prior to the end of your contract period, you must file an online Termination of Occupancy form in Axess. This includes:

  • Undergraduates who move out any time before the end of Spring Quarter
  • Graduate students on an academic-year contract who move out before the end of Spring Quarter
  • Graduate students on a full-year contract who move out before the end of Summer Quarter

You can terminate your assignment on Axess.

  • Under the Housing and Dining Section
  • Then select the Terminate Occupancy section and follow the prompts

Students who wish to move out of housing before the end of their contract while they are still enrolled should file a petition under the R&DE Portal in Axess.

If you are just moving to a new residence or changing rooms or apartments within your current residence, you do not need to file a Termination of Occupancy form. See Moving to a new room/apartment.

Termination of Occupancy Deadlines and Fees


If your occupancy ceases
at the end of…
…and you file a termination
of occupancy form…
…you are charged an administrative fee of:
Autumn Quarter October 23, 2015 and before No fee
October 24 - November 27, 2015 $100
November 28 - December 4, 2015 $250
December 5 - December 27, 2015 $350
December 28, 2015 and after $450
Winter Quarter February 5, 2016 and before No fee
February 6 - March 4, 2016 $100
March 5 - March 18, 2016 $250
March 19, 2016 and after $450
Spring Quarter** April 29, 2016 No fee
April 30 - May 27, 2016 $100
May 28 - June 10, 2016 $250
June 11, 2016 and after¹ ² $450

¹ These dates apply only to students who have signed full-year contracts. Students who have signed academic-year contracts do not need to complete a Termination of Occupancy form for the end of Spring Quarter because their Residence Agreements expire at the end of Spring Quarter.

² Graduate Students in full-year contracts after June 13, 2016 who have not received prior approval from R&DE Student Housing Assignments will not be permitted to terminate their contracts before the end of Summer Quarter.

Moving Out Late

If you need to stay past your move-out date, contact your Housing Front Desk to discuss the possibility of a late departure. You will be charged additional rent for each day that you remain in your room or apartment.

In some residences, it’s not possible for Student Housing to grant requests for late departure because time is needed to clean and prepare residences for incoming students or guests. If you can’t arrange a late departure, look into alternative housing options in the Community Housing section of our website.

In all graduate residences except Schwab, students with full-year contracts who need to stay past Spring Quarter but who don’t need housing for the entire summer may delay their departure to one of two extended move-out dates in mid-July or early August. These date will be available on the online termination form in April.