Escondido Village Lowrise Apartments

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    The core of Escondido Village includes 638 one- to three-bedroom flats and townhouses in one- and two-story buildings called “low-rises.” Purposely designed to avoid an institutional feel, the buildings are arranged in clusters of two or three amidst grassy fields, picnic areas, and communal play areas. Thanks to a large private donation, new lawns, fences, and paths were installed throughout EV during 2008 and 2009.­ The apartment buildings are in the process of being renovated (several each year) to install new wall heaters, energy efficient double-paned windows and sliding glass doors, new flooring and paint.

    General Information

    Residence Name Escondido Village low-rise apartments


    Escondido Village
    Mailing Address

    Building number, Street name,
    Apartment number
    Stanford, CA 94305

    118 Jenkins Court, #101

    full list of apartment addresses available here

    Housing Front Desk Escondite Cottage Housing Front Desk
    (Buildings 1-120)

    Rains Housing Front Desk
    (Buildings 121-125)

    Housing Category


    Residence Type

    Custodial Service

    Common areas are University managed. Apartments are not serviced while occupied.

    Dining Service Kitchens provided; optional Stanford Dining or student-managed plan

     The Apartments

    Two- or Three-Bedroom Family Townhouse

    Family Townhouse Living/Dining Room ­ Family Townhouse Kitchen
    Living/Dining Room Kitchen
    Family Townhouse Parents' Bedroom ­ Family Townhouse Child's Bedroom
    Parents' Bedroom Child's Bedroom


    One-Bedroom Couples Lowrise Apartment

    Couples Lowrise Living Room ­ Couples Lowrise Kitchen
    Living/Dining Room Kitchen
    Couples Lowrise Bedroom ­ Couples Lowrise Bathroom
    Bedroom Bathroom


    Two- or Three-Bedroom Single Graduate Lowrise Apartment

    Singles Living Room ­ Singles Graduate Kitchen
    Living Room Kitchen
    Singles Graduate Bedroom 1 ­ Singles Graduate Bedroom 2
    Bedroom Bedroom



    Please note all rooms are staged for photographs, decorative items not provided.­ Stanford branded items provided courtesy of the Stanford Bookstore.




    Bedroom Living/Dining Kitchen

    Cable TV capability

    Queen bed for couples or extra-long twin beds for each resident Coffee Table Refrigerator/freezer

    Multiple high-speed internet connections

    Desk and chair Dining room table Electric stove

    Telephone and telephone line

    Dresser Sofa Self-cleaning oven

    Wall-to-wall carpeting

    Mirror Two chairs Sink with garbage disposal
    Window coverings Nightstand Two to four dining chairs Some units have hookups for washer and dryer(machines are not provided)*


    Bookcase ­ ­

    Note: Students who want to bring their own bed may store the University bed at their own expense. No storage is available for unneeded furniture. Students provide their own cookware, dishes, utensils, towels, and other kitchen items.

    *Appliances must be Energy Star rated.

    Sample Floor Plans

    1 - Bedroom in Escondido Village - One Story
    ­ ­
    Top View ­ ­
    1 - Bedroom in Escondido Village - Two Story
    First Floor Top View ­ Second Floor Top View
    2 - Bedroom in Escondido Village - One Story
    Single Story Two Bedroom ­ ­
    First Floor Top View ­ Second Floor Top View
    2 - Bedroom in Escondido Village - Two Story
    First Floor Top View ­ Second Floor Top View
    3 - Bedroom in Escondido Village - One Story
    Top View
    3 - Bedroom in Escondido Village - Two Story
    Second Floor Top View ­ First Floor Top View


    Common Areas

    Meeting Rooms ­ EV Meeting Room

    Escondido Village residents may reserve, without charge, the Village Center, next to the EV Administration building, without charge. The Cottage Room in the EV Administration building is available for reservation by Community Associates (CAs) for community events only. Each meeting room has a kitchen, restroom(s), tables and chairs, and a piano.­ Please visit the Escondido Village Housing Front Desk page for details on eligibility and the reservation process.

    Laundry Rooms ­ Laundry Room

    Some EV apartments include hookups for students who want to bring their own clothes washers and dryers, but they must be Energy Star rated. One laundry room is located next to the Escondido Village office, and additional laundry facilities are located in the high- and mid-rise buildings. Rent includes Student Housing’s "Just Like Home" laundry program, which gives residents unlimited use of these washers and dryers; no coins or cards required.­Residents in EV are assigned to specific laundry rooms (based on location) for capacity and volume purposes.

    Computer Clusters

    Residents of Escondido Village low-rise apartments have access to two computer clusters: one in Hulme 1st floor and one in the lobby of Blackwelder. These computer clusters are equipped with Macintosh and Dell computers, laser printers, and various software applications. All computer clusters can be accessed with your student ID or courtesy card.

    Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis Courts

    Escondido Village has a sand volleyball court between Buildings 117 and 124 and a paved volleyball court, basketball court and tennis courts in the center of the village near McFarland. Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Barbecue Area

    Barbecue grills and picnic tables are located throughout EV, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Community Garden

    Escondido Village boasts a community garden, located between Hulme and barnes.­ The application for a plot in the garden can be found online:­

    Exterior Landscape and Storage Policies
    See Exteriors and Storage for information on permitted and restricted outdoor activities ­in R&DE Student Housing, including the approved exterior patio coverings and storage containers.