Exteriors and Storage

Escondido Village Lowrise

Exterior Landscape

Please be mindful of the following as you enjoy your new residence:


All balconies are to be kept clean and orderly at all times, and may not be used for storage or drying of items such as towels, clothing. etc.


Per current fire safety codes and University smoke policy, BBQs are not allowed above the first floor of any building, which includes balconies and landings.  Built in BBQs are provided for residents’ use near picnic areas throughout graduate housing and personal BBQs are permitted on the ground level.  Please keep BBQs and all other sources of ignition a safe distance from buildings and fences, as well as dry brush and mulch.  Dispose of used coals safely: do not dump coals into the landscaping.

Fences and Permanent Awnings

Nothing may be attached to or hung from patio fences, wood awnings or windows. An exception to this policy is that well maintained, light-weight, plants, wind chimes, bird feeders, etc. may be hung from wood awnings or set on patio fences as long as they are not permanently attached. Please check with your Housing Building Manager prior to hanging items to determine if your decorative item meets the standard.


Residents may not attach awnings, tarps, or screens to any Student Housing property, including exterior building structures, fences and trees. Student Housing has approved a free standing canopy and an umbrella that may be used on low-rise patios. Storage units must be maintained in good condition and meet the following criteria: made of high density plastic or non-chewable material, lockable, and may not exceed height of patio fence.  Storage units/sheds of any kind may not be installed without prior approval from your Housing Building Manager.


Pools of any size or kind are not allowed, including baby pools.


Well maintained potted gardens may be kept on patios. Do not plant directly in the ground, and please do not put plants in the common areas.


Please store toys on patios when not in use in order to facilitate lawn care and maintenance.

Umbrellas and Canopies

Beige free-standing umbrellas or canopies are permitted on low-rise patios.

If you have any questions about an item you would like to place on your patio, please see your Housing Building Manager.