Fines, Cleaning, and Damages

Unauthorized Occupancy

Your room is not considered vacated until you remove all of your belongings and return your keys to your Housing Front Desk. If you have lost your keys, you must still check out or notify your Front Desk of your departure date in writing.

You will be charged an unauthorized occupancy fee for each day, or portion of each day, that you remain in your room or residence after the end of your contract period.

Administrative Fee for Unauthorized Occupancy

$175 per day                                                                              

Cleaning and Damage Costs

Standard Cleaning Costs

Level I


Residence hall room

Level II


Substantial cleaning required in kitchen or bathroom areas

Level III


Extensive cleaning required in kitchen and bathrooms areas

Level IV


Determined by actual time required to clean

There will be no charge if the room or apartment has been satisfactorily cleaned.

Paying or Appealing a Damage Bill

You have 30 days after the date of the billing to pay or appeal your damage bill; send appeals to

Charges will not be waived if the damages are accidental; on the other hand if the damage was willful, the case may be forwarded to the Residence Dean for further action. Financial Services will place a hold on your enrollment or degree if you have an unpaid damage bill.