Getting Settled

Student unpacking

Meeting Your Roommate

If you live in undergraduate or single graduate housing, chances are you will live with a roommate for most of your Stanford years. 

When you first meet your roommate, decide together how to arrange the furniture, and discuss issues like noise level, guests, cleaning, personal and shared property, and how you will resolve differences that arise. For tips on getting along with each other, see Living with a roommate.

New Undergraduates

If you arrive before your roommate on the first day of New Student Orientation, you may want to wait for him or her to arrive before making decisions about how to arrange the furniture and who gets which side of the room.


Many graduate students live in the same rooms and apartments for several years, and new residents arrive on different dates. If your roommate has moved into a room or apartment before you, he or she may have settled into the bedroom or taken the bed you prefer. Don’t expect your roommate to move to accommodate your preference.

Checking the Condition of Your Room/Apartment

Student Housing Staff members clean and inspect your room or apartment before you arrive.

If you are a single graduate student sharing a room or apartment, your roommate may already have been living there for some time, as graduate students often retain the same room or apartment for multiple years.

In this case, Student Housing custodians clean your bedroom and tidy up common areas. However, out of respect for the other occupant/s, they will leave closed spaces such as closets, cupboards, and refrigerators untouched.

Areas that custodians have cleaned may become dirty again before you arrive. If you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of your common areas, please notify your Housing Supervisor.

Room Condition and Inventory Form

You must fill out a Room or Apartment Condition and Inventory Form whenever you move into a new room or apartment, whether at the beginning or middle of the school year. This form asks you to assess the condition and contents of your room/apartment upon your arrival, and protects you from having to be responsible for pre-existing damages.

Please submit your room condition form within five days of your move. You may make changes to the form within your first two weeks of occupancy. If you change rooms or apartments during the year, be sure to complete a new condition form.

If you choose not to complete the room condition form, your room will be considered in acceptable condition, and you will be held responsible for any and all damages.