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Governor's Corner

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There are three residences in this part of Governor’s Corner – EAST House (also known as Treat), Murray House, and Yost House. Each house is small and autonomous and home to approximately 60 students.  

The Education and Society Academic Theme House is located in EAST (Treat) House.

Students who live in a small-group house feel a strong sense of self-reliance, and residents share responsibilities for planning house activities, both social and educational. Resident Assistants in each house guide students to see that the house runs smoothly, that problems get solved, and that house activities reflect the social and educational interests and needs of residents.

These three houses were renovated during the summer of 2011.

The independent houses in Governor’s Corner opened for student residents in 1982. Named for Payson Jackson Treat, first Ph.D in history (East Asian studies), Augustus Taber Murray, classicist (Greek), Quaker, athlete and spiritual leader, and Mary Yost, Dean of Women and Associate Professor of English, the independent houses, establish awareness and experience in various cultures, languages, and global issues.

For information on the accessibility of residences for both living and visiting, please reference our Undergraduate Residences Accessibility Summary chart.

General Information

Residence Name Governor’s Corner – EAST (Treat), Murray, Yost


Navigation Address EAST (Treat) House:
Murray House:
Yost House:
554 Governor’s Avenue
566 Governor’s Avenue
574 Governor’s Avenue
Stanford, CA 94305
Housing Front Desk

Governor’s Corner at Elliott Program Center
589 Governor’s Avenue, Stanford, CA 94305

Residence Type

Small Group Houses

Custodial Service

University managed
Dining Service

Dining in EAST, Yost and Murray is run by Stanford Dining and includes both a meal plan and an open kitchen.

Co-ed Type

Co-ed on each floor
Common Areas

East (Treat) House has a lobby and lounge, computer cluster, seminar room, kitchen, servery, dining room, laundry room, two balconies and a deck, and outside barbecue grill.

Murray has a lobby, lounge, kitchen, servery, dining room, computer cluster, laundry room, and a deck and outside barbecue grill.

Yost House has a lobby, lounge, study room, computer cluster, kitchen, servery, dining room, laundry room, balcony, a deck, and outside barbecue grill.


EAST House* (Theme House) EAST House (Theme House)
EAST House EAST House
Murray House*(Theme House) Murray House
Murray Lounge Murray Lounge
Yost House*(Theme House) Yost House
Yost Kitchen Yost Kitchen

House Facts

EAST (Treat) House (Theme House)




Co-ed type

Co-ed on each floor


Education and Society Theme House, 
or EAST House, is also known as Treat (after its namesake, Payson Jackson Treat).  Students at EAST are able to share and develop their varied interests in educational research, policy, and practice. EAST House is envisioned as a hub connecting undergraduate students with volunteer student organizations (VSOs), graduate students, faculty members, the Stanford University School of Education (SUSE), and external opportunities in education. If you are interested, please read important pre-assignment and regular assignment information below.

Murray House (Theme House)




Co-ed type

Co-ed on each floor

Yost House Theme House



Upperclass house

Co-ed type

Co-ed on each floor
Yost has gender-neutral housing assignments available in two-room doubles.

Important Assignment Information

Residential Education is offering a pre-assignment system for all Special Program Houses (Ethnic/Academic Theme, Focus and Cooperative Houses). This process will allow Resident Fellows, Faculty Affiliates, and house program staff to pre-assign a set number of residents who complete the pre-assignment application and meet all necessary requirements prior to the Housing Draw. Here is the Residentia​l Education link for detailed pre-assignment information.

There are THREE ways to get in to Special Program Houses.  Please see the Theme and Focus House page for details.




Wall-to-wall carpeting

Extra-long twin bed

Window coverings

Desk and chair

High-speed internet access


Telephone and telephone line


Cable TV capability


Waste basket and recycling bin


  • Male and female bathroom on each floor
  • Bath tub room on the 1st floor