Graduate Housing Move-in Date Options

The general opening days of graduate residences for each quarter are listed on the housing calendar. There are multiple move-in dates available to single graduate students, couples without children and students with children for the autumn. Depending on your academic program and residence, you can request move-in dates as early as late June or as late as mid-September for Autumn Quarter. Move-in dates for Winter Quarter begin in January and, for Spring Quarter, in late March. There are also multiple move-in dates for Summer Quarter, based on participation in specific academic programs.

Your housing charges are prorated to start on the date you selected on your housing application in Axess, even if you arrive late. If you expect to arrive later than your indicated move-in date, you must notify your Housing Front Desk in writing of your planned date of arrival or your housing assignment will be canceled and you will be charged a $450 administrative fee.

All rent that starts before the general opening day for each term will show up as a separate line item on your University bill. If you are assigned to an on-campus residence and would like to change your autumn move-in date among those listed on the application, requests should be submitted by email to your Housing Front Desk two weeks before your scheduled move-in date.

If you live in Student Housing during Summer Quarter and are changing residences for the Autumn Quarter, you will move to your autumn assignment in July or August. You will need to check with your Housing Front Desk to confirm your move date. Your summer contract will be extended automatically to meet the start of this autumn assignment even if you are changing residences. Your housing charges will be prorated based on the date you move so you will likely see multiple housing charges on your University bill. If you are not changing residences (or type of apartment) between summer and autumn, your Front Desk will make every effort to keep you in the same room/apartment for both contract periods.

If you are applying for a change in residences Winter or Spring Quarter, you will move over the winter or spring break. Your original assignment may be simultaneously assigned to another student for the start of the quarter so your Housing Front Desk may not have much flexibility in scheduling your move. If you have academic or travel conflicts, contact your Housing Front Desk as soon as you are assigned.