Greek Housing

Nine of Stanford’s fraternities and sororities have on campus houses. Students who live in Greek houses, like all students who live on campus, must agree to and abide by the terms of the Residence Agreement

The first complete or partial year a Greek student spends in his or her house uses that student's tier 2. The second complete or partial year uses the student's tier 1.

Most Greek students will live in their house sophomore year (tier 2), live outside the house during junior year (tier 3), and then return to the house for senior year (tier 1). After the first year in a Greek house, students will only be able to select tier 3 on their draw applications. This is to ensure that all Greek students draw tier 3 at least once during their Stanford career.

If a student doesn't return to the house during senior year, he/ she can file a petition with Housing Assignments to use tier 1. Petitions are only granted if the student has drawn tier 3 during a previous year and did not live in the house during more than one academic year. If a student has lived in a Greek house during any 2 complete or partial years, the student would not be permitted to draw tier 1 during her senior year.

To file a petition with Housing Assignments:

• Log into Axess
• Go to the Student drop-down menu and select Housing and Dining
• Select Petitions
• Select Other Policy Exception Requests

Remember, any time spent in a Greek house counts as either tier 2 or tier 1. This means students who live in during their sophomore year (tier 2) and then live in the house again for a portion of their junior year use their tier 1. Students in this situation will draw tier 3 for their senior year if they are not pulled back into the house.

The house leadership can pull any member into their house regardless of which tiers the student has remaining. Typically, students who live in a house for a portion of their junior year (and subsequently use their tier 1) are given priority to return to the house for senior year so they do not have to draw tier 3 for their last year on campus. See your house leadership for details.

Please note that the tier policy does not apply to boarders. However, boarders may need to contact Housing Assignments if they do not believe the correct tiers are available to them when they apply for housing during the Draw.

Housed Greek organizations are required to fill their house. Any member of a housed Greek organization may be pulled into the house to help ensure it is filled. For more information about Greek housing, see the Residence Agreement.