Fire - Police - Medical Emergency
Campus phones: 9-911
Cell and pay phones: 911
Outdoor blue tower phones

Sure Escort Service

725-SURE (7873)

Freshman Emergency Ride Home

Call Yellow Cab of Palo Alto, (650) 321-1234 or toll-free (888) 512-1234.

(You must be registered with the program). Provide the account number 300-350, your pick-up location, on-campus destination, and nature of the emergency. After the dispatcher verifies your information, a driver will pick you up.

Sexual Assault Response and Recovery Team


Maintenance Emergencies

For a flooded room, overflowing toilet, or broken faucet, shower head, or lock, call R&DE Student Housing emergency maintenance at (650) 725-1602.

Note: This number is staffed 24 hours a day for student housing emergency maintenance only. Please submit a Fix-it request for all other service needs.

If you call emergency maintenance after normal business hours, a voicemail service will help us pinpoint your problem and ensure the correct response. When the University’s central dispatch office picks up, be sure to give the dispatcher your full name, phone number, house name and address, and the exact location of the problem. The R&DE Student Housing duty supervisor will arrange for the appropriate response.

Maintenance Problems

Broken Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal doesn’t work when you turn on the switch:

  • Turn off the switch.
  • Look inside to check for objects blocking the blades. Do not put your hands or any kind of metal or hard object in the garbage disposal.
  • Push the reset button located at the bottom of the disposal.
  • Try turning the disposal back on. (Follow directions above for proper use.)

If the disposal still doesn’t work, submit a Fix-it request.

Burnt Out Ceiling Lights

Submit a Fix-it request.

Clogged Drains

Use a standard cup plunger to break up clogs in sinks, tubs, and showers. Remove the strainer or pop-up cover from the drain. Fill the sink or tub with enough water to cover most of the plunger’s cup. Keeping the plunger tightly sealed against the drain, plunge up and down rapidly until the water level seems to drop. If plunging doesn’t break up the clog, submit a Fix-it request.

Clogged Toilet

Use a ball or flange plunger; it creates a vacuum seal needed to clear a clog using the force of water.

Tip: If you think your toilet is going to overflow, turn the water off to the toilet by turning the valve on the left side of the toilet by the wall. Then contact your Housing Front Desk to send out a plumber.

  • Fill the toilet bowl with enough water to cover the rubber plunger.
  • Hold the plunger by the wooden handle and place the rubber cup over the toilet drain, covering the opening.
  • First plunge gently to let out the air in the bell.
  • Then, maintaining the seal, push down and pull up by the handle three or four times to produce suction, or until the water level seems to drop. In most cases, this should free the blockage.
  • Flush the toilet to clear the line.
  • If plunging doesn’t break up the clog, submit a Fix-it request.

Lockout Assistance

If you are locked out, Housing Front Desk staff for your building can loan you a key for your room or apartment during normal business hours. After hours in undergraduate residences, you are encouraged to contact your RA for lockout assistance. 

Both graduate and undergraduate students may call (650) 725-1602 for lockout assistance from the Housing Access Response Team (HART). You will need to present a Stanford ID or Government-issued ID to receive a key, and there will be a charge for lockout assistance provided through the HART team.  As of 1/1/14, the fee for lockout assistance through HART has been reduced to $45.  Graduate students will be provided one complimentary HART lockout assistance per academic year.  After the first lockout, the $45 rate will be charged.

Lost keys/broken lock

See your Housing Front Desk during normal business hours. After hours, call 725-1602. If a key has been lost, the room/apartment will be re-keyed, and you will be billed. 

DoorKing problems


Other Issues

Computing/Internet Service

Contact your Resident Computer Consultant.

See Computing Self-Help

Telephone/Cable TV

IT Help Desk

Forsythe Hall (725-HELP)

Telephone Services

Cable Television Service

Pest problems

See Dealing with Pests.

Roommate Problems

Find an acceptable time and quiet place to discuss your concerns with your roommate (see Living with a roommate).

If you are unable to resolve your differences on your own, ask your RA or Residence/Graduate Dean to mediate a problem-solving session. If you and your roommate communicate openly and hear each other out, you may be able to reach an agreement that’s acceptable to both of you.

If mediation doesn’t help, upperclass and graduate students can request a reassignment to another room or apartment through the:

  • Local Res Ed office (undergraduate residences)
  • Housing Front Desk (graduate residences)
  • RA or house manager (the Row)

If you want to move to another residence, contact the Housing Assignments office. Reassignments to other residences are made after all other students in the same category of housing without an assignment have been placed, and a reassignment administrative fee will be assessed.

If you are an undergraduate student, you must have written approval from a Residence Dean.