Historical Draw Statistics

Prior Year Cut-Off Numbers

Students often request prior year cut-off numbers in order to gauge which residences they are likely to get into with the tier they plan to use in the Draw. Specific cut off numbers for residences are provided below along with some aggregate information.

Important Information About Prior Year Cut-off Numbers

  • Cut-off numbers can vary from year to year, so it is unreliable to base residence choices on this information. A residence that went Tier 1 last year may go Tier 2 or 3 the following year if students allow cut-off numbers to influence their housing choices and omit that residence from their housing list because they believe their Draw number will not be low enough to get into that residence.
  • The Draw Task Force determined that students are more likely to receive a preferred housing choice if they simply list every residence and room type in order of their individual/group preference. If students list choices based on where they think they can get in, they have a lower chance of actually being assigned to their preferred housing.
  • While students receive advice about the Draw from many sources, Student Housing advises students to simply make a robust list of housing choices and not let preconceived notions about cut off numbers drive residence choices.

Aggregate Information

Tier Usage per Residential Complex, Draws 2014-15, Exempts Excluded, 1 of 2

Tier Usage per Residential Complex, Draws 2014-15, Exempts Excluded, 2 of 2

Row Houses Tier Usage, Draws 2014-15, Exempts Excluded, 1 of 2

Row House Tier Usage, Draws 2014-15, Exempts Excluded, 2 of 2

The following charts show tier breakdowns for various residential areas/complexes. These statistics were taken right after the Draw in the years indicated. Exempt assignments (staff members and preassigned students) are omitted from these statistics as exempt students do not go through the traditional Draw.

Cut-off Numbers

Draw 2015 Men
Draw 2015 Women
Draw 2014 Men
Draw 2014 Women
Draw 2013 Men
Draw 2013 Women
Draw 2012 Men
Draw 2012 Women
Draw 2011 Men
Draw 2011 Women