The Housing Application

When to Apply

Students who need housing for Autumn Quarter should apply during the annual housing Draw. Students who miss the Draw deadline and students who need housing starting either Winter or Spring Quarter should apply during one of the subsequent assignment rounds.

How to Submit an Application

• Log into Axess
• Go to the Student drop-down menu and select Housing and Dining
• Select Apply for Housing
• Follow the instructions to submit your application

Program House Commitment

Before you are permitted to list co-ops, substance free housing, and other special program houses on your application, you must acknowledge that you understand the requirements for living in these houses by selecting "I agree" in the Program House Commitment section.

More information about what is required to live in houses with special programs can be found on Residential Education's website.

By listing a house with special requirements for residents, you are acknowledging that you understand these requirements, meet the prerequisites to apply for the house, and, if assigned, agree to participate in all required house activities. Failure to meet these requirements may result in your removal from the house.


Students who apply during the Draw, Winter Quarter Waitlist Round, and Spring Quarter Waitlist Round can pick a tier level on their application if they have a housing guarantee year remaining. The tier level dictates the range of numbers from which a student's random application number will be chosen. Applications are considered in application number order so the lower the application number, the sooner a student's application is considered. Tier 1 encompasses application numbers 1-1000, Tier 2 1001-2000, Tier 3 2001-3000. Students can only use Tier 1 once and must use Tier 3 at least once during their Stanford career. Rising sophomores are not eligible to use Tier 1.

Students who apply outside of The Draw, Winter Quarter Waitlist Round, and Spring Quarter Waitlist Round will not be asked to select a tier on their application. These students are assigned a sequential number over 3500 depending on when their application is received.

Housing Choices

There is no limit to the number of residences students may list on their applications. For a summary of available residences see the Residence Chart. For details about individual houses see the Housing Options section.

When ranking residence choices on your housing application, you should list choices in order of preference. Students have the option of listing "any" choices such as "Any Branner" or "Any Governor's Corner Residence." Be careful when using these general choices. If assigned to a general choice you will receive the last assignment in that house. If you prefer a specific room type (single, two-room double etc.) you should list those choices before the "any" choice.

For each assignment round, vacancies can occur anywhere in the system. Make a robust list of choices and rank your residences based on where you want to live, not where you think you may get assigned.

Final Application Choice

On your housing application, you must select a final choice. If you select the final choice of “Assign me to any residence for which I am eligible," you may be assigned to any residence except co-ops. If you select the final choice "Assign me only to the residences I have listed," you may be unassigned if we cannot assign you to a residence you listed. You should only select this option if you are willing to live off campus in the event we can't assign you to a residence you listed.

Students MUST select "Assign me to any residence for which I am eligible" in order to keep their housing guarantee.

Application Tips

  • Check the calendar for specific deadlines. 
  • When you submit a housing application, you are agreeing to the terms of the Residence Agreement
  • If you have a medical need for a specific type of housing you should request a medical accommodation well in advance of the application deadline.

Withdrawing an Application

There is no fee for withdrawing an application. However you will be unable to withdraw you application after the application due date. If you are assigned housing and then subsequently cancel that assignment, you will be charged a fee. The amount of the fee increases as your move in date approaches.

Misrepresentation of Facts

The University, with cause, may ask you to provide certifiable documents of facts detailed in your housing application or on your signed Residence Agreement. Any misrepresentation of facts for housing purposes is considered a violation of the Stanford University Residence Agreement and the Fundamental Standard of Student Conduct and may result in the loss of housing privileges and/or possible University disciplinary action.