Community Housing: Housing Resources

On-Campus Housing

Faculty/Staff Housing, 650-725-6893, Owen House, 552 Lane A
Sale of homes on campus. Open to faculty and high level staff only.

Robinson and Company, 650-854-2700
This is a property management firm that Stanford employs. They may have listings of on-campus houses or condominiums available for rent for periods of 6 months or longer.

Welch Road Apartments, 1180 Welch Road
Rentals open to Stanford medical non-student affiliates only, such as residents. Information is sent to medical affiliates in their contract packets, and applications are accepted through the end of April. For availability or to check eligibility, contact the Graduate Medical Education Office at (650) 723-5948.

Online Resources

  • Places4Students is Stanford's online listing partner.
  • Stanford's Sublicense program within graduate student housing is a resource for non-undergraduate Stanford affiliates to find short-term housing.
  • Craig's List is a world-famous online community bulletin board
  • SU Post is an on-line bulletin board that restricts the ability to post to Stanford affiliates. However, anyone can read the posts.
  • Padmapper and HotPads are map-based rental search engines.
  • HomeSuite and Local BigWig are resources for finding short-term furnished rentals.

Other Resources

Driving Through Neighborhoods
Drive through the neighborhoods that interest you, and look for signs in front of apartment buildings. Most places with an apartment for rent will post a sign. This is an excellent resource if you want to live in a specific neighborhood, or if there are few rentals available and you want to have an advantage over people who are only using the Community Housing listings and the newspapers.

Referrals from Friends
Ask friends and acquaintances if they have heard of a place that is vacant or about to be vacant.

Rental Services
Use the services of a rental service, but be aware that results cannot be guaranteed and that there is sometimes a fee. To locate such services, look under "Real Estate Rental Service" or "Apartment Finding and Rental Service" in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Information for Renters

If you find that any information provided here is not up-to-date, please notify Community Housing.