Lock-Outs in Sublicensed Apartments

Lock-out assistance can be provided only to those who have a signed and approved sublicense agreement on file with Housing Assignments.

It is the license holder's responsibility to make arrangements to provide the sublicensee with keys for the room or apartment. Keys may not be duplicated and the Housing Front Desks will not issue extra keys to Sublicensees.

If you are locked out during normal business hours, please contact the Housing Front Desk staff for your residence. After hours, you may call (650) 725-1602 for lockout assistance. A member of the Housing Access Response Team (HART) will respond and assist you. You will only be given access to the apartment if you are in an authorized sublicense agreement. Your sublicense agreement may be required as proof for access into the unit. It is recommended that you keep a copy available with you at all times. The administrative fee for lockout assistance provided via the HART team is $45 per incident (effective 1/1/14 - 2013 fee was $75), and you will need to present a Stanford ID or government-issued ID.

The $45 fee will be charged to the student license holder on his or her University bill.  You will need to reimburse the student.

Please note: Keys may not be duplicated, and a non-University locksmith may not alter or repair a lock. Sublicensees found violating this policy will be charged an administrative fee to re-key the apartment and have the incident referred to the Graduate Life Office Dean. You are responsible for the keys issued to you. Lost keys must be reported immediately.