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Humanities Theme Residence, the newest undergraduate residence on campus, is now open in Manzanita Park.  With the addition of  the Humanities Theme Residence,  Manzanita Park consists of four upperclass residences. The Humanities Theme Residence, Kimball, Castaño and Lantana Halls house approximately 550 students in a mix of singles, two-room doubles, doubles, and some three-room quads. 

The new Humanities Theme Residence is designed to serve as a residential, cultural and intellectual hub for humanities programs and activities at Stanford.

Kimball Hall was named for principal donors, former Stanford trustee William Kimball and his wife, Sara. When Kimball was in his junior year as an economics major, he found an unusual way to help pay his tuition- selling Coca Cola as the campus franchisee.  “Back then,” he recalled, “it was all on the honor system—anyone who wanted a Coke just signed their name on a sheet of paper and left the money.”

For information on the accessibility of residences for both living and visiting, please reference our Undergraduate Residences Accessibility Summary chart.

General Information

Residence Name

Manzanita Park



Navigation Address

661 Escondido Road, Stanford, CA 94305

Housing Front Desk

Manzanita Park Housing Front Desk
Dining Service

Serving the Humanities Theme Residence, Kimball, Lantana and Castaño residences, Manzanita Dining offers fantastic grilled items, frozen yogurt, signature salads, and daily pizza offerings. With its large, vaulted-ceiling dining rooms and circular tables, it's one of the most conversationally conducive dining facilities on campus. 

Class Configuration


Residence Type

Residence Hall

Custodial Service

University managed

Common Areas

Humanities Theme Residence has a lounge with kitchen area, a seminar room, study spaces, computer cluster, indoor & outdoor recreational spaces, multi-media lounge, and creative art/project space.

Kimball has a large lounge, two study rooms, computer cluster, balconies, outdoor gathering spaces. 

The Humanities Theme Residence and Kimball are among the few undergraduate residences with elevators, which provide wheelchair access to upper floors as well as making move-in easier. 

Lantana and Castaño also have a lounge, study room, computer cluster, and other gathering spaces.

All of the houses in Manzanita Park enjoy nearby sports courts.

The Halls

Castano Hall Humanities Theme Residence
Castaño Hall Humanities Theme Residence
Kimball Hall Lantana
Kimball Hall (Theme House) Lantana

House Facts

Humanities Theme Residence




Co-ed Type:

Co-ed by corridor

Humanities Theme Residence
See pre-assignment and regular assignment information below

Kimball Hall




Co-ed type:

Co-ed by corridor


Arts and Performing Arts Theme House
See pre-assignment and regular assignment information below.

Castaño Hall




Co-ed type:

Co-ed by corridor
Castaño Hall currently has gender-neutral housing assignments available in two-room doubles.

Lantana Hall



Co-ed type:

Co-ed by corridor
Special Assignments: Lantana will offer special preassigned slots for students interested in becoming “Creative Catalysts” in 2015-16. 

*Important Assignment Information

Residential Education is offering a pre-assignment system for all Special Program Houses (Ethnic/Academic Theme, Focus and Cooperative Houses). This process will allow Resident Fellows, Faculty Affiliates, and house program staff to pre-assign a set number of residents who complete the pre-assignment application and meet all necessary requirements prior to the Housing Draw. Here is the Residential Education link for detailed pre-assignment information.

There are THREE ways to get in to Special Program Houses.  Please see the Theme and Focus House page for details.




Wall-to-wall carpeting

Extra-long twin bed

Window coverings

Desk and chair

High-speed internet access


Telephone and telephone line


Cable TV capability



Waste basket and recycling bin


Separate bathrooms and showers for men and women are located on each floor.

Sample Floor Plans

Floor Plan Floor Plan
Single - Top View Double - Top View
Floor Plan
2-room Double - Top View
Floor Plan
Triple - Top View