Reserving Escondido Village Common Areas



Only Escondido Village residents are eligible to submit a common area reservation request. Each resident may make one reservation per month. For the Cottage Room, a reservation request must be submitted at least three business days in advance of each planned event. For the Village Center, a reservation request must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the planned event.  For the Village Center, you can expect a response to your request one week after submitting your request. Reservation requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

Meeting Rooms

  • The Cottage Room, located right next to the Escondido Village Front Desk, is a medium-sized, carpeted room with an adjoining kitchen. It can accommodate 49 people, and is equipped with a piano, 2 blackboards, 6 tables, and 46 chairs. The Cottage Room may only be reserved by Community Associates, and may only be used for community functions.
  • The Village Center is a large multi-purpose room with a kitchenette.  The room is equipped with a piano, 9 rolling tables (approximately 2 feet x 5 feet), and approximately 75 chairs. This space is designed for dinners, dancing, parties, and receptions. There is also access to an outdoor picnic table and a children's playground.

Making a Reservation

  1. Determine if your reservation request is for the Cottage Room (for CAs only) or the Village Center (for EV residents only).
  2. Check space availability on the calendar below.
  3. Read the EV Common Space Use Agreement (Cottage Room) or the Guidelines for Use of Village Center (Village Center)
  4. Submit a Reservation Request Form for either the Cottage Room or the Village Center (Works best when using Chrome)

Please note: Village Center reservations are NOT handled by the Housing Office. You must follow the instructions emailed with your reservations to pick up your village center keys. The Housing Office will not be able to assist you after hours.

Additional meeting rooms are available in the Graduate Community Center.  Please check the GCC website for details.