Sublicensing: License Holder Eligibility

Students in graduate housing may sublicense their apartment or their room in a shared apartment to a Stanford (non-undergraduate) affiliate for part or all of the summer, or for another term under certain circumstances if all requirements are met. For example, if a student shares a three-bedroom apartment with two roommates and will be away from campus for the month of July, he or she can use the sublicense database to find a Stanford-affiliated sublicensee for that time period, as long as the established procedures are followed and all required documents are submitted.

In order to be eligible to sublicense his or her space in graduate housing, the license holder must:

  • be eligible for housing
  • have no enrollment or housing holds
  • have been in occupancy of University housing for a minimum of one academic term
  • be returning to live in the apartment at the end of the sublicense period
  • not have had a previous sublicense arrangement during the preceding term or during the same academic year

If sublicensing during the academic year, the contract holder must:

  • have minimal enrollment while in absentia (staying/living a minimum of 50 miles from campus)
  • be on an approved (by the Housing Assignments office) vacation quarter
  • be away from campus while on an approved maternity/paternity quarter
  • not be on any type of medical leave other than maternity/paternity leave