Sublicensing: Sublicensee Process and Responsibilities

Stanford Student Housing’s role is to facilitate the sublicensing process as a neutral third party, and to process and record the sublicense agreement so that the sublicensee is on record in the event of a lock-out, needed repairs, or an emergency.  The student license holder and the incoming sublicensee have certain tasks to perform in order to make the process proceed smoothly and to minimize problems.

Before Beginning Your Search

  • Check your eligibility to sublicense within Stanford graduate student housing.  Do not enter into an agreement with a student license holder if you are not eligible to do so.  If you enter into an unauthorized arrangement, you risk being forced to move out partway through your stay.
  • If you do not already have a SUNet ID, contact your host department at Stanford.  Any staff member in the department that is willing to vouch for your affiliation can sponsor you for a free SUNet ID for use in accessing the sublicense database.  This free SUNet ID sponsorship does not include email.
  • Review the sublicensing policies.
  • Read the Residence Agreement to make sure that you are willing and able to abide by student housing policies.
  • View the graduate housing rates chart, as student license holders may charge less than what they are paying, but cannot charge more.
  • Obtain written proof of Stanford affiliation, in hard copy as well as soft copy.

Finding Sublicense Vacancies in Rooms/Apartments

  • Make a list of questions to ask to help in making a decision.
  • View the vacancies posted in Stanford’s Student Housing sublicense database and (if desired) other housing advertising resources
  • Read and print a copy of the Sublicense Agreement form.
  • If desired, post housing needed ads on SUPost and on craigslist.  Post a Roommate Profile on Places4Students to describe yourself and your housing requirements.
  • Check for new ads often, and do not delay in making inquiries.
  • If individuals are slow in responding, send gentle repeat inquiries and/or try contacting them a different way if they listed multiple methods of contact on their sublicense listing.

Before Finalizing Your Arrangements

  • Send a copy of your proof of Stanford affiliation to the license holder for review.
  • Make sure that you and your family (if applicable) match the rated occupancy of the license holder’s housing assignment, the housing category (single, couple, or family), and the gender (if in shared housing).
  • Make sure that you and the license holder are clear on which items in the apartments are available for your use and which are not.
  • If you do not have a U.S. bank account, make sure that you will have a way of making payments in U.S. dollars.
  • Make sure that the contract holder has a license for the room or apartment for the full period of your agreement, or that he or she will be able to renew the contract and plans to do so.
  • If the apartment you will be occupying is due to be renovated during the period of the agreement and you will have to change apartments, make specific arrangements with the contract holder with regard to who will move his or her belongings.

Finalizing Arrangements

  • With the license holder, complete the sublicense agreement form and any relevant addendums.  Be sure that everything is legible and that all of the license holder’s roommate(s) have signed, if applicable.
  • Make sure that the license holder submits to Housing Assignments the sublicense agreement form, proof of your Stanford affiliation and age, and any addendums a minimum of two weeks before the start date of the sublicense agreement.
  • Receive confirmation email from Housing Assignments indicating approval or denial of the sublicensing agreement. 
  • Make specific arrangements with the license holder with regard to how, when, and where payments will be made.
  • Make specific arrangements with the license holder with regard to the number of keys that you will be provided, and make arrangements for transfer of keys.
  • Make specific arrangements with the license holder with regard to when (at the end of your stay) he or she will inspect the room/apartment for damage and what will be done about any cleaning needed or items missing or damaged. 

Before Arriving at Stanford

  • Register your desktop computer and/or laptop with Residential Computing.
  • If you will be staying in a shared apartment, be sure that you know which room you will be occupying.

While You Are at Stanford

  • Carry with you the name of the license holder and if possible, a copy of the sublicense agreement.  You may be asked to produce this if locked out or making a repair request at the Housing Front Desk.
  • If you have a car, go to the Parking & Transportation office to get a parking permit; bring a copy of your sublicense agreement form.
  • If you damage the apartment, contact the Housing Front Desk to have the repair done while you are there, so that you will be able to reimburse the license holder in a timely manner.
  • Before leaving, thoroughly clean the room/apartment, and remove all perishable items.  If you moved any of the license holder’s belongings, return them to their previous locations.