Submitting Your Application

Apply through Axess - Single Graduates, Couples without Children, and Students with Children

Apply for University housing through Axess, Stanford's online information system.
To apply online in Axess, you will need:

  • To have accepted your offer of admission;
  • Your Stanford University Network ID (SUNet ID) which you can set up at (allow one to two working days for processing);

You may apply for only one type of housing (single, couple, or student with children) for a given quarter. If your status changes, you must re-apply for housing suitable to your new status.

To submit your application:

When to Submit Your Application

Axess begins accepting housing applications in early April for the summer and for the following academic year. Be sure to submit your application by the appropriate deadline—check the calendar—if you want to be included in the pool of candidates considered for housing for a particular quarter. It does not matter when you submit your application during the first-round Lottery application period as long as you meet the May deadline because you will be assigned a random Lottery number.

Even if you don’t need housing until Winter Quarter or Spring Quarter, you will receive a better chance of assignment if you submit your application by the first-round Lottery deadline in May rather than the October or February waiting list deadlines.

If you miss a deadline, submit your application for the next assignment round as soon as you can. Your position on the list depends on the date you apply.

You may edit any active applications without negatively affecting your position.

Don’t wait until the last day to apply! Axess allows only a limited number of students to log on at one time, and the system can slow down during periods of heavy use.

If You Weren't Assigned

If you applied for housing by the deadline but were not assigned to a residence, your lottery number was too high for the residences you listed on your housing application. If you’d still like to be considered for housing, join the next round of assignments on Axess. You will retain your original lottery number for use in the next round.

We will receive a large number of cancelations from students who decide not to live on campus. We will offer those spaces through the Waiting List and Continuous Assignment rounds.

Misrepresentation of Facts

The University, with cause, may ask you to provide certifiable documents of facts detailed in your housing application or on your signed Residence Agreement. Any misrepresentation of facts for housing purposes is considered a violation of the Stanford University Residence Agreement and the Fundamental Standard of Student Conduct and may result in the loss of housing privileges and/or possible University disciplinary action.