Summer Contract Lengths for Single Undergraduates

Many contracts lengths are available for students participating in various summer programs. If you are unsure if you qualify for a certain contract, please contact Housing Assignments.

AnchorAll students applying to live in Single Undergraduate Housing are eligible for an eight-week contract. Continuing Stanford student are also eligible for a ten-week contract. Continuing Stanford students with a ten-week summer assignment and an autumn assignment are eligible for Summer-Autumn Interim Housing. This will allow them to remain on campus continuously from the end of the ten-week summer contract through the start of their autumn housing. Student will likely be required to move to a different room for the interim period prior to moving into their autumn assignments.



Eligibility Requirements

Between Spring and Summer Quarters

June 12 - June 20

All undergraduate students in housing spring quarter with a summer assignment starting June 20 are required to have continuous housing contracts. This period is not optional.

10-week contract

June 20* - September 1

For continuing Stanford undergraduate students only.

8-week contract

June 20* - August 16

Any student is eligible for this contract.

Stanford-Peking University Chinese Summer Language Program

June 20 - July 24

For students participating in the Chinese Summer Language Program only.

Other/Special Contract Length

Students submit course name, course number, and requested start and end dates by filing a Summer Contract Change Request form in Axess -> Student menu -> Housing and Dining -> Petitions -> Summer Contract Change Request

Only students enrolled in a course held outside of the regular session dates are eligible for an alternate contract length. Students doing research, doing an internship, or working are not eligible.

Summer - Autumn Interim

September 1 - September 17

Only students who have a 10-week summer contract and a 2015-16 autumn contract are eligible. Partial interim is not available. A move into your autumn housing will be required ~ 2nd week of September (exact date to be determined)

* Students who have a Spring Quarter contract will not have a gap between their Spring and Summer contracts. Their summer contracts will begin June 12, though they may not move into their Summer location until a later date.

AnchorSummer Contract Change Request

Students who already have a Summer Quarter housing assignment but who now need to change their contract should file a Summer Contract Change Request as soon as possible. Please read the information below to confirm that you are eligible for your requested change.

The deadline to make changes summer contracts is Friday, July 17, 2015. After this deadline, requests to extend contracts may not be granted.  Students requesting extensions may need to switch rooms or buildings.

  • The administrative fee is waived if change is requested May 8 - June 12
  • Students with changes requested from June 13 – July 5 are charged an administrative fee of $25
  • Students with changes requested July 6 – July 17 are charged an administrative fee of $50
  • Students with changes requested July 18 - August 16 are charged $100
  • Students with changes requested after August 16 are charged $200

AnchorStudents living in Single Undergraduate Housing may:

  • Extend contract from 8 to 10 weeks (contract will end September 1, 2015)
  • Shorten contract from 10 to 8 weeks (contract will end August 16, 2015)
  • Add Summer-Autumn Interim (only those with an autumn contract are eligible)
  • Remove Summer-Autumn Interim
  • Request a Special Contract Length (only those enrolled in a class that falls outside of the regular dates are eligible; students doing research, doing an internship, or working are not eligible)

AnchorInstructions for Filing a Summer Contract Change Request Form

  • Log in to Axess
  • In the Student menu at the top of the page, select Housing and Dining
  • Select Petitions
  • Select the Summer Contract Change Request form
  • Complete and submit the form

You will be notified of the decision on your request within ten business days by email from Housing Assignments. If you do not receive notification within ten business days, please contact Housing Assignments.

The administrative fee may be added to your student bill, depending on the date that you submit the request (see schedule above).

Approved requests to add or remove interim housing will affect your summer and/or autumn bills, which will be due at the Student Service Center within 30 days of the change. Students may also need to move to another room or apartment within the residence or to a different residence in order to accommodate extensions.