Summer Reassignments Within Undergraduate Housing

After students are assigned to a particular residence and room type, they may choose to seek a more preferred choice by applying for reassignment.

  • Reassignments are made each quarter through the Continuous Assignments process if all students without housing have been offered a space and vacancies remain.
  • If we are unable to accommodate all students looking for housing or if there are no vacancies left after all students are accommodated, we will not be able to offer reassignments.
  • Reassignments are only made into vacant spaces. Direct swaps between students are not permitted.
  • Although during the academic year students can apply for a reassignment in Axess, for reassignment requests within summer undergraduate housing students will need to submit a reassignment request form on paper at Housing Assignments.
  • When a student submits the reassignment request form, he or she must also submit a Reassignment Authorization Form to Housing Assignments. The Reassignment Authorization form must be signed by the student's House Director or the Associate Director and Senior Assistant Dean of Summer Session.
  • Reassignment forms are considered in the order in which they are received.

Reassignment Variables

Students without University housing have priority for assignment, so no students will be reassigned until and unless all un-housed students are accommodated. If demand from un-housed students is not met, it is possible that reassignments may not be offered.

Reassignment applications will be processed in the order that they were received by the Housing Assignments office.