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Sustainable Living in R&DE

The R&DE Sustainable Living Program collaborates with students and staff to foster behavior change, reduce energy and water consumption and waste production in our residences, and to integrate long-term sustainable thinking into how we operate. Learn about our key accomplishments and watch our sustainable living video here.

Sustainable Living Guide

Student Sustainable Living Guide

Download this resource for tips on how you can Live Cardinal Green in your residence, at the dining hall, while getting around on campus and more. There are over 30,0000 community members on the Stanford campus from custodians and professors to chefs and students.  Collectively our daily behaviors make a huge difference. Live Cardinal Green during your time with us, whether 4 years as a student or 30 years as an employee.

Sustainable Living Interns

Sustainable Living Interns 

Your home is the best place to get hands-on experience performing sustainability research or implementing programs. Over 30 students have been hired in the last three years on projects such as installing bathroom paper towel composting, assessing the return on investment of LED light fixtures and studying the effectiveness of different types of messaging. Interested in an internship? Contact Kristin Parineh.

Current Initiatives

Green Cleaning

The Delta Delta Delta sorority house and the new Manzanita Humanities House became the first residences at Stanford to use 100% green cleaning methods. All of the chemicals were replaced with a product created by infusing water with ozone. The product is just as effective as traditional cleaners and is a single product that can be used on everything from windows to carpet and toilets. Not only is the product good for the environment and occupant health, but has significant financial savings in eliminating chemical purchases.

Green Cleaning
Storey Dashboard

Energy Use Dashboard in Storey House

The daily behaviors of the nearly 12,000 students living in RD&E Student Housing are a key component of our sustainability initiatives/programs. An online dashboard at Storey House provides students with real time feedback on their energy and water usage by building floor to increase awareness and change daily behaviors. Storey Dashboard Online


Give & Go Moveout

Every year at move out in June R&DE Student Housing partners with Goodwill to provide every student the ability to “Alpaca their stuff and donate or recycle the rest”. For the past three years over 55 tons of material have been given to those in need and diverted from the landfill each June.

Give & Go Moveout

If you have ideas for us or are working on a sustainability project in R&DE Student Housing, we want to know about it! Please contact:
Kristin Parineh, Sustainability Manager, Student Housing:

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