Sustainable Food

Stanford University 2nd Annual Sustainability Festival

Sustainable Eating in R&DE

Through the Sustainable Food Program, R&DE is committed to meaningfully participating in the education of the world’s future leaders by sharing knowledge and creating awareness of food culture, food systems, and food production. R&DE favors sourcing products that are local, organic, humanely raised, fairly traded, and from family-owned farms and sustainable fisheries. Currently, 47% of R&DE’s food purchases are considered sustainable. R&DE is also focused on minimizing water and energy use through efficient equipment, green building standards, and staff best practices.

Stanford Dining sustainable garden

R&DE Stanford Dining

is committed to providing healthy and delicious meals that nourish students while supporting a sustainable future and positively influencing lifelong eating behaviors. In collaboration with students, staff, and faculty, the Sustainable Food Program raises awareness through lectures, special events, academic partnerships, and hands-on learning in cooking classes and organic gardens.
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Organic vegetables

R&DE Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries 

seeks to purchases delicious, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients in menus that will delight our customers. From special events, like the Healthy Taste of Stanford, to the plant-forward café Forbes Family Café, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries seeks to minimize our environmental footprint.
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BeWell sustainable garden

BeWell Community Gardens

are community gardens open to the Stanford Community and managed by R&DE. The two gardens, at Oak Road and Lane B, have over 150 plots and are tended by faculty, staff, and students. Learn more about the gardens and sign up for a plot here.