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Academic Structure Change Procedures


Use this page to determine how to make a change to academic structure such as changing a department name, or creating a new major or a new graduate degree program. 

In the case of all the following, no addition or change may be advertised nor may students be admitted to a new or changed program until final approval by the relevant authority. Changes are effective at the start of the following academic year (September 1).

To request changes to academic structure, contact Laura Remillard <>, Academic Senate Committee Coordinator.

How to Change a Department's Name

Preferably, a name change should be completed in time to meet Graduate Admissions (ca January 15) and Stanford Bulletin (ca June 15) deadlines. Note: a change in name of the department does not change the name of the major.

Department change process flowchart for staff

How to Add, Change, or Discontinue a Department, IDP, Undergraduate Major, Joint Major Program, Graduate Degree Program, or Honors Program

When terminating an Interdisciplinary Program (IDP), the Senate committee is the end of the process. For a new Joint Major Program (JMP), signatures from both Deans must be included on the Academic Structure Change Proposal form.

Add-Change dept, major, or grad program process flowchart

How to Add, Change, or Discontinue an Undergraduate Minor, Ph.D. Minor, or Subplan

Deans can offer a minor only if a major already exists in the area. If there is no existing major, the request will go to C-RUM or C-GS, and routed to the Senate for approval. The Dean's approval is not required for changes in subplans.

Add-Change dept, major, or grad program process flowchart

How to Add, Change, or Discontinue a Joint Degree Program

Specific Joint Degree Program combinations have already been approved. Please see the Joint Degree Programs and Tuition Schedules page on the Registrar's website to view the list. Joint Degree Programs combining other degree types or programs may be proposed, but require review by the Committee on Graduate Studies and must be approved by the Faculty Senate.

New Joint Degree Programs may be created using the Joint Degree Program Proposal form.

Add-change joint program workflow