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Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)


The HEOA is a federal mandate that, inter alia, requires institutions of higher education to display textbook information at the time enrollment opens.

The Act specifies that the University display the textbook title, price, and ISBN identifier. This means that in the new academic year, textbook information must be available to students no later than these dates in 2015-16:

  • August 1 for Autumn Quarter
  • October 25 for Winter Quarter
  • February 7 for Spring Quarter

The Stanford Bookstore accepts textbook information from faculty or administrative staff via the web (see below), fax, email, campus mail, or walk-in.

The Bookstore guarantees that any textbook submissions made by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the opening of enrollment will be available to students via Axess on the day of enrollment. Those dates for this academic year are:

  • July 27 for Autumn Quarter
  • October 19 for Winter Quarter
  • February 1 for Spring Quarter

Regardless, the bookstore will continue to accept textbook information until classes open in any quarter.

In addition, there is a student interface between Axess and the Stanford Bookstore (eFollett). As a student enrolls in courses via Axess, s/he will be able to link directly to the eFollett web site to see assigned course materials including price and ISBN identifier.

Online Adoptions at the Stanford Bookstore

To enter textbook information, go the Online Adoptions site at the Stanford Bookstore; this site is also listed at the bottom of the home page in the  "Faculty Services" list. On this site, faculty or staff create an account, then enter textbook information for each class. There is a useful video there with an introduction to the services.

Syllabus or Expanded Course Description

Faculty may also comply with the Act on their own by submitting a syllabus or expanded course description to In order to comply with the HEOA, each textbook must be accompanied by price and ISBN identifier. The Bookstore can supply you with this information.

The "expanded course description" option is offered for those who may not wish, or are not yet ready, to publish a full syllabus. An expanded course description must contain:

  1. course objectives
  2. information on how students will be evaluated
  3. materials for the courses including any fee information.