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Axess for Advisors

selecy axess for advisors center

Faculty who are also academic advisors have additional functionality available to them within Axess. Advisors are able to view advisees’ transcripts and study lists. Advisors for undeclared undergraduates are also able to place and release holds on their advisees’ records.

The advisor functions are grouped on the Advisor tab. To access the page, click the Advisor tab at the top of the page.

View Current Advisees

This function displays your advisees' names, academic plans, program status, ID number and email address. It also shows if you have placed an advising hold on a student.

Clicking on the window shade icon (view FERPA Statement) provides details about a student's releaseable information (see Policies for more information).

view current advisees screenshot

Clicking on the View Student Details link will take you to the individual student's Personal Student center page.

View Former Advisees

This function displays a list of your former advisees, along with each student's academic plan, program status, ID number, and email address.

Search for Classes

The Search function opens the Time Schedule of Classes. The schedule is updated live and reflects current class enrollments.