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Designating a Grading Proxy

screenshot for selecting managing grading proxies in axess

You may designate one or more proxies to enter grades on your behalf. University policy requires that a designated proxy must have a SUNet ID and must not be a student enrolled in the class to be graded.

When you designate a person such as a TA or staff member, you are giving that person access to the class's grade roster in Axess. You have the option of having the proxy enter grades only (you will need to review and submit them), or enter and submit the grades for you.

Regardless of which authority level you choose, you retain the ability to enter, change, and submit grades yourself.


  • Grading proxies need to be assigned every quarter even if you intend to use the same person as your proxy. Individual schools may have additional internal policies concerning grade proxies.

  • If you designate a person to be a grading proxy who has never been one before, that person will not be able to enter grades until the next day. The process to grant authority to new proxies runs overnight.

Step 1: Select a Term

screenshot for selecting term in grading proxies in axess

Access the function by clicking on the menu item on the bottom to see a ddropdown list to select a term:

Step 2: Enter the proxy's Stanford ID number

screenshot for enter ID in grading proxies in axess

If you know the proxy's Stanford ID number (eight digits starting with 0), enter it in the Stanford ID field. If you do not know the proxy's number, click the magnifying glass to perform a search by name.

Step 3: Select a Proxy Grading Authority

By selecting from the drop-down list, you are granting your proxy one of two levels of authority:

  • to enter the grades (you will review and submit the grades)
  • to enter and submit grades on your behalf

screenshot for enter or submit grades

Step 4: Select class this proxy will grade

Check the box next to each class you are authorizing this proxy to grade. 

screenshot for select class in grading proxies in axess

Step 5: Save

When you are finished, click Apply and Save. You will see the proxy's name, ID number, and authority level listed with the class.

screenshot for apply and save in grading proxies in axess

You may designate more than one proxy to grade a class. Also, you may return to the Designate Grading Proxy function to change a proxy's authority level or delete the proxy.

Reviewing and Submitting Grades Entered by a Proxy

When your proxy has finished grading, he or she clicks on a button that submits the grades to you instead of the Registrar's Office.

The grade roster status for the class appears as Ready for Faculty Approval. When you enter the roster, you may change any grades that have not been posted, then save or submit as normal.