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Viewing Online Course Evaluations

The Online Course Evaluation system permits faculty to use Axess to view the results of student evaluations of their courses. Follow these directions to see your evaluation results:

Step 1: Log on to Axess

Select the Teaching tab from the set of tabs on the top of the page. Click on the Course and Section Evaluations link under the Teaching menu. You will see a list of lecture and seminar courses with three or more students that you are teaching by quarter.

Step 2: The My Course Evaluations Page

On the My Course Evaluations page, you will be able to view the following information:

  • to see a summary of the ratings you received from students in the courses, click on the View link under the Ratings heading.

  • to see a summary of the comments students made about the courses you taught, click on the View link under the Comments heading.

  • to see a summary of the individual responses to evaluation questions about the courses you taught, click on the View link under the Responses heading.

Step 3: The Ratings Summary Panel

On the Ratings Summary panel, you can view a summary of the course ratings through several Elements of Instruction categories as an interactive bar chart in pdf or in Excel. Click the individual bars on the graph to display the ratings for a single category:

  • to access the individual responses of students who evaluated the course, click on the Individual Responses link

  • to view the comments that students made about your course, click on Comments Summary.

Step 4: Course Summary

To download the Course Summary in pdf format, click on the View as pdf link at the top right hand corner of your Course Summary page.

Step 5: Help

Additional help is available on the Course Evalution site by clicking on Help in the upper right hand corner of the My Course Evaluations home page.