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How to Change Grading Basis for Courses with an Optional Grading Basis

Changes to course grading basis are performed in Axess.  If a course is offered with a variable grading basis, students have up to the posted “Change of Grading Basis” deadline each quarter to make any updates in Axess.  After the deadline, changes are no longer allowed.

Change Grading Basis in Axess

From your Student Center, under Academics, select "Enrollment:  Edit" from the drop-down menu:

 Edit from dropdown in Student Center Acadmics

From Edit view, select a course, then click on the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button, as shown below:

select a class to edit

Finally, choose desired grading basis from the drop-down, and click on the Next button:

choose the new grading optoin from the dropdown menu

Confirm final selection by clicking on Finish Editing:

Note: the course's Original Value and New Value are shown for your review during the confirmation section.

confirm change to grading option