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Undergraduate Forms

Undergraduate petitions related to academic standing and policies are administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE), Sweet Hall, 1st floor. For procedures and petitions, see the VPUE petitions page.

Transfer Credit

Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation Form 
Use this form if you require pre-approval for future transfer credit or if you want to petition to transfer course work already completed.

Request for Non-Stanford Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluation
This link takes you to the Bing Overseas Studies Program where you will find a form to request pre-approval or evaluation of non-Stanford study abroad credit completed after enrolling at Stanford.

Last Units Out of Residence 
This form is for undergraduates who wish to petition to take their final 15 units out of residence to complete their degree requirements.


Leave of Absence Form (undergraduate) 
A leave of absence is required for any term of the Academic Year (Summer terms excluded) for which a student does not wish to enroll in classes. For students with multiple degree programs or majors, note that leaves of absence are only granted for all programs and majors. Leaves are not be granted for more than one year at a time. A leave of absence from your program may not exceed a cumulative total of two years. For more information on leaves, see the Stanford Bulletin, or the Leave of Absence Information Sheet for Undergraduates.

Permit to Attend for Services Only (PSO) 
Undergraduates in their terminal quarter who are completing an honors thesis or clearing incompletes and require registered student status may petition, on a one-time basis, for Permit to Attend for Services Only (PSO) registration status.

13th Quarter Petition 
Undergraduates who have completed at least twelve full-time quarters may petition to register for 13th Quarter registration status at a reduced tuition rate for their final quarter, but must register for at least eight units. Undergraduate dual degree students must complete at least fifteen full-time quarters before petitioning for reduced tuition in their final quarter. Students must apply to graduate in the quarter which they submit a 13th quarter petition.

Graduation Quarter Special Registration Status Petition 
Intended primarily for undergraduates in their terminal quarter who have completed all course work and degree requirements, and who are not using Stanford resources.

Annulment of Summer Registration 
Use this form to withdraw from all of your summer courses and receive any applicable refund amounts, if eligible.

Request to Permanently Withdraw from Degree Program 
Use this form to permanently withdraw from your requested degree program on the date indicated. You are acknowledging that should you decide to return to the indicated degree program in the future, you will have to apply for reinstatement and pay the necessary reinstatement fee(s).

Undergraduate Study and Programs

Declaration or Change of Undergraduate Major, Minor, Honors, or Degree Program 
Prior to applying to graduate, declare or make changes to majors, minors, honors, and degree programs through Axess. After applying to graduate or after the application to graduate deadline, use this form.

Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval Form 
Use this form to certify that plan of study meets all requirements for the major(s) and any minor(s). Requires departmental signatures and is submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.