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Class Scheduling

See the Courses and Scheduling Web Forms page for more information.

Time Schedule Process Overview

In April, the Registrar's Office performs a process called Prior Term Copy (PTC).

PTC checks the course attribute (NQTR) in Course Catalog and then schedules classes accordingly. Any course given in the previous academic year (where the NQTR value indicates that it will be given in the new academic year) is copied to the new academic year (e.g., Autumn of last year to Autumn of this year).

We copy forward from the previous scheduled class days, times, instructors (including TA names and Independent Study sections), class notes, crosslisting setups, grading basis, units, and expected room capacity. If you changed any of these values in Course Catalog, you must also change these values in the scheduled class.

It is the responsibility of the designated administrator in each department or program to review this information and make all necessary changes. Courses that were not given in the previous academic year but which will be given in the new academic year are created using the data in Course Catalog; they will not have times or instructors, and you must enter these.

The final review period is your final opportunity to verify course setup. Our expectation is that the original data submitted via PeopleSoft was largely correct. The review period is not the time to be making significant changes to the population of your courses or the days and times on which they are offered.

We advise you to make clear to faculty that altering the days and times or requesting additional classroom requirements at this point may make it difficult for us to find an appropriate classroom. In particular, departments that submit significant numbers of new courses or day and time changes go to the bottom of the list in priority and may not have rooms assigned by the time that Axess is live for enrollment.