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Commencement Responsibilities


Grading Responsibilities


  • Encourage faculty to submit grades for graduating students as early as possible.
  • Submit grade change cards to the Office of the University Registrar for missing grades (or "GNR"grades) prior to Spring Quarter 2013-14.
  • Review records for continuing courses (graded 'N') that are not in progress during Spring Quarter 2014-15; submit grade cards for the student's terminal quarter of enrollment in the course (if terminal quarter was prior to Spring Quarter 2013-14) or have instructors issue final grade in Axess (if terminal quarter was Spring Quarter 2013-14 or later).

Registrar's Office:

  • Students who have applied to graduate in Spring Quarter are displayed in RED with an asterisk on Spring and prior rosters.
  • Faculty and proxies may submit partial grade rosters to insure that graduating students' grades can be submitted first.
  • Rosters are posted every 30 minutes during the week before Commencement.
  • See the Registrar's Axess for Faculty web pages for faculty grading information and instructions.

Undergraduate Graduation Clearance Responsibilities


  • Departmental course requirements for the major, secondary major and/or minor (if student is denied in one part of plan, such as major or minor, their entire application to graduate is denied by Registrar's office).
  • Departmental-specific GPA and unit requirements.
  • Other departmental-specific requirements.
  • School of Engineering is responsible for school-level requirements.

Registrar's Office:

  • University GPA and University unit requirements*
  • Major Minor Course Approval form* (if applicable)
  • General Education Requirements*
  • Language Requirement*
  • Writing Requirement*
  • Registration Status*
* 'To Do' or Checklist items are placed on the student's Axess account if requirement is not complete

Graduate/Professional Graduation Clearance Responsibilities


  • Departmental course requirements for the degree
  • Departmental-specific GPA and unit requirements
  • Competition of Graduate milestones:
    • Master's program proposal
    • Reading committee approval
    • University orals
    • Master's thesis, final projects or essays
    • Other milestones such as Language Requirement, Teaching Requirement

Registrar's Office:

  • University GPA and residency unit requirements
  • Competition of Dissertation (doctoral students)

Diploma Responsibilities


  • The Registrar's Office releases diplomas to departments to insert into diploma covers for all cleared students as of the Friday before Commencement
  • A diploma should be given only to a student who has earned the degree.
  • Diplomas that are not picked up on Commencement should be returned to the Registrar's Office promptly after the dept ceremony on Commencement Day

Diploma Covers: Diploma Covers will be available for department student services representatives to pickup, at the Bambi Modular (320 Panama Street), during the follow dates and times:

  • Thursday, May 21 from 9:00am-11:00am
  • Friday, May 29 from 9:00am-11:00am

Registrar's Office:

  • Prepares diplomas for all graduating students.
  • Only diplomas of students who have met all graduation requirements are released to departments.
  • Works with students to clear as many diploma holds (Student Financial Services, Residential and Dining Enterprises, University Libraries, etc.) as possible.
  • Provides departments with specific paper inserts in lieu of diplomas for problems such as misspelled names, diploma holds, applied to graduate too late, etc.

Student Services Center:

  • On Commencement Sunday, from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., students can pickup diplomas at the Student Services Center if they have selected the 'Pick-Up' diploma distribution option (Tresidder Union, 2nd Floor).
  • Students can pick up diplomas at Student Services Center on ongoing basis if they select 'Pick-Up' diploma distribution option.

Commencement Walkthrough Responsibilities


  • Departments determine who may 'walk through' their Commencement ceremony
  • Walkthrough forms have been distributed to departments. The forms list the criteria that must be met to be eligible to walk through graduation
  • Walkthroughs are not recorded in PeopleSoft
  • Departments request from the Registrar's Office the number of blank diploma covers that are needed for walkthroughs when they pick up diplomas

Student Services Center Reminders

Diploma Holds - Bills and Financial Aid:

  • Be sure to remind graduating students that all balances must be paid on their University Bill prior to graduation to avoid diploma holds.
  • Departments must approve any financial aid for students prior to May 14 to avoid diploma holds.