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Courses, Scheduling, and Bulletin Support Documents and Links

Support Documents and Links

Name of Document or Link More Information and Links Up-to-date
Adding Instructors and TAs to the Instructor Advisor Table (pdf) How to add instructors and TAs to the Instructor Advisor Table yes

Entering TAs into PeopleSoft/CLSS (pdf)

How to enter TAs in PeopleSoft so they can be evaluated in the new Online Course Evaluation System


ExploreCourses Administrative Interface See the EC Administrative Interface help and instructions site. Quick tip: use the filters on the right to look for such things as inactive courses, etc. yes

Peoplesoft Course and Class Webforms (pdf)

Screenshot on how to work with the PS course and Class webforms


CPS CLSS Form FAQ (pdf)

Quick answers to basic questions on how to use the CPS CLSS form


Allowable Class Times/Days Also see the Metting Patterns for Departmental Administrators Page yes

Course and Scheduling Department Entry Deadlines (pdf)

Deadlines for submitting different types of information for courses and scheduling in 2015-16


Course and Scheduling for the New Administrator (pdf) A list of resources of which new administrators should be aware. yes
Classroom Scheduling Policy Overview of Registrar's Office classroom policies yes
Course Components Allowable compoents for use in course catalog yes
Room Characteristics Allowable room characteristics for scheduling classes yes
Course Catalog Cheat Sheet (pdf) This is a "catch-the-common-errors" sheet which our schedulers use when looking at submitted courses. yes
Field Definitions for PeopleSoft Course Catalog (pdf) Field-by-field definitions of what you need to know for PS Course Catalog yes
Primary Bulletin contacts in academic departments and programs This is a 100% user-maintained Confluence web site. Check to see that your department's information is up-to-date. If not, make the change yourself after clicking on the Edit tab; remember to save! Easy to remember URL: yes
ReportMart Screenshots (pdf) We'll have BI screenshots here soon. yes
OCE Batch Print Instructions (pdf) Batch printing instructions yes
Class Waitlists An overview of the Class Waitlist process yes