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Incomplete Changed and Repeat Grades

The ‘I’ grade is restricted to cases in which the student has satisfactorily completed a substantial part of the course work. No credit will be given until the course is completed and a passing grade received. When a final grade is received, all reference to the initial ‘I’ is removed.

Students must request an incomplete grade by the last class meeting. Faculty may determine whether to grant the request or not. Faculty are free to determine the conditions under which the incomplete is made up, including setting a deadline of less than one year. Under no circumstances should a student re-enroll in a class to complete an 'I' grade. Enrolling in the class a second time invokes the "Repeated Courses" rules.

In a course taken in 1994-95 or later, ‘I’ grades must be changed to a permanent notation or grade within a maximum of one year. If an incomplete grade is not cleared at the end of one year, it is changed automatically by the Registrar’s Office to an ‘NP’ (not passed) or ‘NC’ (no credit) as appropriate for the grading method of the course.

Graduate students with extenuating circumstances, that may warrant an exception to academic policy, should discuss the need for an extension to the time limit with their advisor and the course instructor. Students may request an extension of the deadline for resolving an incomplete by submitting the Petition to Change Course Enrollment (Graduate Students) (pdf).