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Temporary Grades

Grading TGR 801 or 802 Courses ('N' Grades)

Students working on projects, theses, or dissertations enroll in their department’s course. Students typically enroll in 801 or 802 courses for a number of successive quarters. To indicate that a student is making satisfactory progress on the project, thesis, or dissertation, a grade of 'N' should be assigned. A grade of 'S' is recorded during the final quarter when the project, thesis, or dissertation has been completed and accepted by the department.

The 'N-' grade indicates unsatisfactory progress in a continuing course. The first 'N-' grade constitutes a warning. The advisor, department chair, and student should discuss the deficiencies and agree on the steps necessary to correct them. A second 'N-' will normally cause the department to deny the student further registration until a written plan for the completion of the degree requirements has been submitted by the student and accepted by the department. Subsequent 'N-' grades are grounds for dismissal from the program.

The Registrar's Office runs an 'N' grade report at the end of each quarter to use in updating the temporary 'N' grades through the history of the project to it's permanent grade. When the grade of 'S' or 'NP' is submitted during the final quarter of the project, thesis, or dissertation the final grade retroactively replaces the 'N' grades. If the final grade has been reported, but the previous 'N' grades have not been replaced, send an email to Ron Racilis (  Allow several weeks after the end of each quarter before reporting unconverted 'N' grades as the process is performed manually by Registrar staff.