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Key to Grading on the Stanford University Transcript

Key to Grading on the Stanford University Transcript

A Transcript Key (pdf) for all current and previous University grading systems is available for download.

Grade point average and rank in class are not computed and are not available. Four grading systems are used at Stanford University. The general University grading system is used in all courses except those taught in the School of Law, the Graduate School of Business, or to M.D. students in the School of Medicine.

Unit of Credit

Every unit for which credit is given is understood to represent approximately three hours of actual work per week for the average student. Thus, in lecture or discussion work, for 1 unit of credit, one hour per week may be allotted to the lecture or discussion and two hours for preparation or subsequent reading and study. Where the time is wholly occupied with studio, field, or laboratory work, or in the classroom work of conversation classes, three full hours per week through one quarter are expected of the student for each unit of credit; but, where such work is supplemented by systematic outside reading or experiment under the direction of the instructor, a reduction may be made in the actual studio, field, laboratory, or classroom time as seems just to the department.

Program Statuses

Academic programs include a status effective the day the transcript was printed. Stanford University uses the following program statuses:

  • Active: Student is currently active in the program indicated.

  • Leave of Absence: Student is currently on an official leave of absence from active study.

  • Completed: Student program requirements have been met and the degree has been awarded (degree programs only).

  • Discontinued: Student no longer enrolled in program (includes post-doctoral scholars whose appointments have ended).

  • Dismissed: Student was dismissed from the University.

  • Cancelled: Student deceased while enrolled and program cancelled or student administratively withdrawn for cause.