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Certificate of Final Reading of eThesis

Certificate of Final Reading of eThesis

One member of the Reading Committee (the “Final Reader”) must certify that he or she has reviewed the final draft of the Engineer Thesis, or final project as submitted online by the student. The certification process occurs in Axess, where the Final Reader will be able to review a copy of the thesis, and then approve or reject the submission.  Upon final submission of the thesis online, an email is automatically sent to the Final Reader informing them that they have a thesis ready for review in Axess. The final reader can locate the thesis Final Approval link on either the Adviser tab or the Teaching tab in Axess.

The final reading of the thesis should include a review of the following:


All suggested changes have been taken into account and incorporated into the manuscript where appropriate. If the manuscript includes joint group research, the student's contribution is clearly explained in an introduction.

Published Materials

If previously published materials are included in the thesis, publication sources are indicated, written permission has been obtained for copyrighted materials, and all of the dissertation format requirements have been met.


The thesis is ready-for-publication in appearance.

Release Options

The Final Reader will also have the opportunity to review the selected embargo and other release options.

Alternative to Online Certificate of Final Reading

If the Final Reader is unable to approve electronically via Axess, or if the Final Reader does not have access to a computer, the student may submit a paper Certificate of Final Reading, signed by the Final Reader. Please note that the Final Reader must be a member of the Academic Council.

This document must include the following statement; you may download a printable version of the Certificate of Final Reading (pdf).

To the University Committee on Graduate Studies:

I certify that I have read the thesis of
in its final form for submission and have found it satisfactory.

Signature                                                    Date

(Printed Name of Advisor)

(Printed Name of Your Department)