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Enrolling in Courses

The course catalog and schedule of classes is presented at the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site. (The Stanford Bulletin and the Time Schedule are no longer printed.) Degree requirements information is available at the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreDegrees web site. Academic Deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar; see the Registrar's Academic Calendar page for complete information.

Go to Axess to enroll in courses. For assistance in using Axess to enroll in courses, see How to Enroll in Courses.

To enroll officially in classes for the quarter, you must:

  1. Clear any holds on your registration; holds on your registration may be viewed in Axess.

  2. Pay your tuition and fees; payment in full is due on the date indicated on the University Bill. See the Student Financial Activities site for more information on payments.

  3. See your academic adviser to discuss your academic plans.

  4. Enroll in classes via Axess.

Keep in mind the following important considerations:

  • Undergraduates must enroll in 12-20 units during Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.

  • Graduate students must enroll during Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters in at least 8 units or, if they have been approved for TGR or TMR status, they must enroll in a TGR or TMR course.

  • If you have not enrolled by the final study list deadline (Friday 5 pm of the third week of classes), your registration and financial assistance will be canceled.

You must be enrolled in courses, including TGR or TMR, in order to live in University housing.


Registered Stanford students may only audit a class with instructor approval. Others, including Stanford staff and faculty as well as non-Stanford-affiliated individuals, should consult the Stanford Bulletin for applicable policies.