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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

The Undergraduate Graduation Checklist 2015-16 (pdf), including all information on this web site, is available for download.

You must complete all bachelor’s degree requirements prior to degree conferral date on Commencement Sunday, including requirements related to the following categories:

General Education Requirements, Writing Requirement, and Language Requirement

Check these requirements in Axess at least a quarter or two before you intend to graduate, in case there are deficiencies which would require you to take another course to fulfill the requirements.

Major Requirements

Check with the academic administrator in your department to make sure that your proposed course of study will satisfy all requirements for your major. Multiple majors or those with a minor should see the Minors and Multiple-Major sections of this web site.

Minimum Unit Requirement

You can check the status of your unit totals in Axess. Candidates for a single bachelor’s degree (B.A., B.S., or B.A.S.) must complete a minimum of 180 units of University work, with a minimum of 135 units completed at Stanford. Dual-degree candidates (concurrent B.A. and B.S. degrees) must complete a minimum of 225 units, with a minimum of 180 units completed at Stanford. Double check the following:

Activity Units

You may apply a maximum of 8 units in activity courses to the minimum unit requirement.

Courses taken on a Satisfactory/No Credit or Credit/No Credit basis

A maximum of 36 units of credit (including activity courses) taken at Stanford or its overseas campuses for a "CR" or "S" grade may be applied towards the 180 (225 if dual degrees are being pursued) units required for the bachelor's degree. The maximum for transfer students is 27 units.

Repeated Courses

If you have enrolled in the same course more than once, remember that except for those Stanford courses specially noted in the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses or on Axess as "repeatable for credit", most courses may not be repeated for credit and have the units count for both enrollments. If you took a course and repeated it in a subsequent term, you only earn units for the second enrollment in the course. Also, you should not take courses for credit for which you have received either Advanced Placement credit or transfer credit. See the Stanford Bulletin statement on Repeated Courses for the full policy.

Transfer students

You must complete a minimum of 90 units of credit at Stanford (135 units at Stanford if completing a Dual-degree).