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Repeated Courses

Students may not enroll in courses for credit for which they received either Advanced Placement or transfer credit.

Some Stanford courses may be repeated for credit; they are specifically noted in the Stanford Bulletin. Most courses may not be repeated for credit. Under the general University grading system, when a course which may not be repeated for credit is retaken by a student, the following special rules apply:

  • A student may retake any course on his or her transcript, regardless of grade earned, and have the original grade, for completed courses only, replaced by the notation ‘RP” (repeated course). When retaking a course, the student must enroll in it for the same number of units originally taken. When the grade for the second enrollment in the course has been reported, the units and grade points for the second course count in the cumulative grade point average in place of the grade and units for the first enrollment in the course. Because the notation ‘RP’ can only replace grades for completed courses, the notation 'W’ cannot be replaced by the notation ‘RP’ in any cause.
  • A student may not retake the same course for a third time unless s/he received a ‘NC’ (no credit) or ‘NP’ (not passed) when it was taken and completed the second time. When a student completes a course for the third time, grades and units for both the second and third completions count in the cumulative grade point average. The notation ‘W’ is not counted toward the three-retake maximum.

These policies reflect changes adopted by the faculty Senate on June 2, 1994.