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CardinalSync - - Making it Work for You

CardinalSync documents university recognition, maintains leader contact info, member rosters and services student organizations conducting event planning.

Registration Services

CardinalSync maintains the official university record of all recognized student organizations and their leaders and members. It is used broadly by many campus departments.

  • Provides annual university registration.
  • Maintains leader contact info and member rosters.
  • Maintains directory of all currently recognized student organizations.

Event Planning Services

CardinalSync prime platform for planning events, finding and scheduling space and obtaining approval for events, includinb benefit fundraisers.

  • Reserves classrooms, auditoria, outdoor spaces and most university meeting event facilities.
  • Requests approval for campus events. 
  • Requests approval for parties. 
  • Requests approval for benefit fundraising (charity) events. 

For quick video reserving space and request permission in CardinalSync see SAL's video, Creating an Event.

Web Page

You can build your own simple website through CardinalSync. 


Create your own calendar of events made public to the entire Stanford community or visbile to your members only.