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Sufficient funding, raised well in advance is the key to your event's success. Most funding is provided by ASSU, although there are many other funding sources. 

Build a Budget

Thorough budgeting with realistic expenditures and revenue projections is an important first step. 

Budget creation should happen in the spring for the following year, as most on-campus funding sources that give annual funding require applications with budgets around that time. 

If your student group is having trouble with budgeting, working with your previous financial officers (if they're still around) or SAL Peer Advisors can lead to a more accurate prediction, and more successful management and application! 

On-campus Funding Sources

An easy to read chart that summarizes most campus funding sources for student organizations.

Off-campus Fundraising 

ASSU Undergraduate Senate Appropriations Committee 

ASSU Undergraduate Senate holds office hours to review funding requsts. 

ASSU Graduate Student Council (GSC)

ASSU's GSC includes specific funding guidelines for graduate VSOs. 


  • Lead-time is important. Large events require a minimum of 3-4 month lead-time, if not more. Start fundraising as soon as you begin planning.
  • ASSU funding is quickest and easiest so start here.
  • Exhaust all on-campus options before considering off-campus ones.
  • A thorough and detailed budget will make your job easier. Need help?  See a SAL Peer Advisor for assistance.
  • The university cannot confirm your requested space, approve your event or permit you to make contractual agreements without most of the funding in your account. 
  • Follow-up, follow-up and follow-up on your requests. Check your progress regularly, especially when requesting funds from campus departments. Give all funders your needed deadline when you make your request.
  • Read your ASSU account statement regularly to make sure the committed funds have been transferred. If not, follow-up.
  • Write prompt funder thank yous. Prompt and grateful feedback can turn a one-time funding source into a regular one.