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On-Campus Funding Sources

Primary Sources of Funding

Web Site Award Range When to Apply Notes/Req's
ASSU General Fees - Undergraduate Senate Appropriations Committee $0 - $6,000 per year cumulative ($7,000 for community service groups) 30 days before the event though earlier is always better, retroactive funding prohibitive Application and Interview required. You can view Approps Office Hours here!
ASSU General Fees - Graduate Student Council $6,000 per year cumulative At least 3 weeks before the event Application and Interview required. The events must have an impact on graduate student life.
ASSU Special Fees Depends on budget. Budget for the year must exceed $6000 to be considered for special fees  Early Winter Quarter for coming academic year  Attend a required workshop.
The Stanford Fund Partnership (TSF) Ranges. Max of $10,000 Primary funding done in Spring Quarter for following academic year. Small round in Fall Quarter. Attend a required workshop.

Secondary Sources of Funding

Web Site Award Range When to Apply Notes/ Req's
Academic Department Funding
(contact specific departments)
varies, $50 - $200 average

Department specific

Typically fund groups with direct relation to department.
Arts Institute

Spark!: up to $1,500

Creative Spaces: varies

Beginning of each quarter (week 3-4) Focused on individual/group extracurriculuar projects.
ASSU Speakers Bureau 50% of event costs, up to $1,000 per event, max $1,500 per year At least 4 weeks before the event

Co-sponsors speaker events.

Bechtel International Center's Billie Achilles Fund 0$ - $1,000 per event or up to $3,000/year Second Friday of the activity quarter Activities should be held in the Bechtel International Center building. Must be focused on international topics.
Bingham Fund for Student Innovation in Human Biology Large grants Apply by Oct 31 or April 30 For HumBio majors only
Cardinal Nights Varies Varies, the earlier the better Open to all students for weekend (Thurs/Fri/Sat) alcohol-free, fun, social, nighttime events.
Graduate Student Council (GSC) Up to $8,000 per year, cannot have Special Fees Application due Fridays by 10am Events must have at least 30% graduate student participation
Stanford Concert Network Varies Contact in Spring quarter for following year's events. Co-sponsors events and concerts. Provides limited but affordable technical services. 

Tertiary Sources of Funding

Web Site Award Range When to Apply Notes/Req's
Black Community Services Center $100 - $200 At least 2 weeks before the activity Supports activities that touch on the African American Diaspora. Contact the Asst. Director or Director.
Dorm Governments
(Check myGroups for contact information)
$50 - $100 per dorm per year Rolling Contact the dorm government.
LGBT-CRC $0 - $300 At least 2 weeks prior to the event

Activities must help LGBT and questioning students thrive at Stanford. Contact QuEst at

Native American Community Center $50 - $100 At least 2 weeks before the activity For educational and cultural programming. Support from additional sponsors is a plus.